Forms of Payment Accepted:

  1.    Visa & Master Card

  2.    Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check

  3.    Debit Card

Discounts Available:

  1.    Sibling Discount Available

  2.    Full Year Tuition Paid in Advance Discount –  Kindergarten only, based on a 42 week contract

  3.    Weekly/Monthly Prepay Discounts Available

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The Learning Tree Open Door and Acceptance Policy

The Learning Tree has an open door policy.  You may come see us anytime.  The Learning Tree accepts children based on space availability, their being developmentally and age appropriate for the programs offered, the student exhibiting good behavior, and is based on the results of the pre-enrollment assessment (Kindergarten).

Enrollment is not based on race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, creed, or disability.

The Learning Tree is a faith based program teaching Judeo Christian principles from the old and new testaments of the Holy Bible.

Preschool Admissions Requirements:

  1.    Registration Fee

  2.    Completion of Application Packet

  3.    Immunization Form DCF 680-B (Blue) and DCF Health Examination Form (Yellow)

  4.    Signed agreement to Preschool Enrollment policies

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarden (VPK) Only

  1.    Copy of child’s birth certificate and social security card for age verification

  2.    Proof of Residency – Florida Drivers License or JEA Utility Bill

  3.    Proof of VPK Registration with the state of Florida – See  HYPERLINK ""

Kindergarten Admission Requirements:

  1.    Registration and Book Fee

  2.    Completion of Application Packet & Enrollment Contract

  3.    Immunization Form DCF 680-A (Blue) and DCF Health Examination Form (Yellow)

  4.    Copy of child’s birth certificate and social security card for age verification 

  5.    Completion of Pre-enrollment Assessment

  6.    Prior School Records Reviewed

  7.    Signed acknowledgement of Parent and Student Handbook & Policies

“Come see us anytime, everyone is welcome.”