The main purpose of the Learning Tree Preschool is to provide an all-day center for children of mothers and fathers working outside of the home, while providing an organized, creative, constructive, literacy-filled, and challenging learning program in a nondenominational Christian, home-like atmosphere.  The classroom is developed into a “prepared environment” which excites and challenges the child’s intellect.  The classroom is a fascinating world of concrete material, to encourage the child to explore, touch, create, learn, and communicate. The atmosphere is Montessori-oriented, allowing freedom with responsibility, emphasizing the development of “inner discipline” rather than the use of outward controls.


The main purpose of the Kindergarten is to provide a continuing program from our preschool program in a down to basics style class to provide Kindergarten students an advanced quality program to prepare them for the next level of learning.  This program serves as an affordable alternative to expensive private and over crowded public schools, including the conveniences of our preschool program for the parents working outside of the home.  Our teacher is allowed to be who she has desired to be as a teacher working with a quality Christian curriculum.  The Kindergarten is a ministry of the Learning Tree utilizing similar concepts of the successful preschool program working with the total child, allowing them to excel at their individual pace.

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Our Four Main Goals:

The Learning Tree Preschool and Kindergarten has four main goals we strive to meet everyday.
To teach each child a genuine love of God.

To challenge each child in every area of their life, working with the total child.

To fill each child with great anticipation to the challenge of a new day each and every day of the school year.

To fill each child with a giving spirit through example.

“All I know is...They prepared me for BIG SCHOOL!”