Over 40 Years of Teaching

Our Curriculum Activities

Early Learning

We provide an organized, creative, constructive literacy filled challenging program using Funshine Express & Links to Learning Curriculum.They are approved curriculums through the Early Learning Coalition.

Outdoor Play

We have a 100% shaded playground – well equipped with paved and mulched areas, with a separate Toddler-Two Playground. Special outdoor projects, games, and Jumping Jax Gym are included.

Creative Projects

We teach working with the whole child. Arts, crafts, games, science experiments, classroom centers, music and movement, nutrition, blocks, etc…all enhance the child’s ability to learn while having fun.

In Class Technology

We have computers in our VPK and Schoolage classrooms. We include in our curriculum how to use computers and computer games that follow the curriculum.


We follow the USDA guidelines as well as the Feingold Diet. Our tuition includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, as well as instruction in good nutrition and proper table manners.


Our Philosophy

The main purpose of the Learning Tree Preschool is to provide an all-day center for children of mothers and fathers working outside of the home, while providing an organized, creative, constructive, literacy-filled, and challenging learning program in a nondenominational Christian, home-like atmosphere. The classroom is developed into a “prepared environment” which excites and challenges the child’s intellect.

The classroom is a fascinating world of concrete material, to encourage the child to explore, tough, create, learn, and communicate. The atmosphere is Montessori-oriented, allowing freedom with responsibility, emphasizing the development of “inner discipline” rather than the use of outward control